Changing our Parenting Language

I love this. I actually printed it off and have it on our fridge. When Brayden has a “temper tantrum” I find that it only gets worse if I treat/ talk to him poorly while it’s happening. If I stay calm and really listen to him then I find that he can calm down and talk(most times).  I do not like time outs. I feel that it is not teaching the child anything except that they need to go “hide” if they want to show any emotions. Instead we try to do “couch time”, “Brayden’s room time”, etc. I join him and we talk through it. I feel that this teaches him that it is fine and perfectly normal to have feelings/emotions and to share those with others. It shows him that I want him to be comfortable coming to me when he needs to talk about these things. It is about learning to speak about those feelings instead of isolating himself.

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